How to Install the Demo Content

By installing one of the demo content, your theme will look like the one you see in our demo. This install is not necessary but will help you get core pages, categories, and meta setup correctly. This action will also let you understand how the theme works by allowing you to modify a content that is already there rather than creating it from scratch.

You need to have the theme and required plugins installed before you can choose to Import any Demo Content.

  1. With the theme installed and activated go to Tools > Demo Content Install.
  2. On this page, press the Install button to install demo site.
  3. After the setup, you’ll be redirected to the front-end. Your website should look like our demo preview (but with blurred images).

By installing one of the demo content all your current content will be deleted and replaced with the new one but not before we make a back-up that can be restored anytime from the Backup page. In order to go back and restore your previous content all, you have to do is go to Tools > Backup, choose the archive you want to restore and click the Restore Backup button.