The theme settings can be found under Appearance > Theme Settings. Locate the Global Settings section under General > General Tab. The page looks like this:


Here you will find general options to control your website’s width, background, logo and more other element settings.

The options are as follows:

  • Website Width – lets you set a custom width for your website. By default, this option is set to full width.
  • Website Background – lets you select a background image or color for your website.
  • Logo Type – lets you select the logo type: Text or Image. The image option comes with an image upload field that lets you upload a logo for your website. 
  • Scroll to Top Button – lets you set a Back to Top Button on your website. The button is displayed in the bottom right on all the pages of your website. You can also customize scroll to top button like button icon, background, and color.
  • Page Transition – lets you set a page transition animation when you change the page of your website. Press the Styling button in order to choose between different loader styles and animations.
  • Smooth Scroll – lets you enable the smooth scroll for your website. When you’ll scroll your website using your mouse, the scroll will be very smooth.